A field-trip into our lives with cars

Watch those cars parking outside the house. Ever wondered what they´re planning while they wait for their owners to come back? Ever had the paranoid feeling that these seemingly innocuous machines are in conspiracy with each other, waiting for the chance to break free, to take over, to rule the earth?

Mass & Fieber´s AUTODROM is a field-trip into our life with cars. A large stage as a combination of factory, exhibition hall, highway and, finally, the Ursumpf at the end of time is our playground for an investigation of a motorised life-style that may have much larger consequences than any of us ever dreamed of. In the beginning was Ford, with his autonomous car factory in Detroit. Ford´s Model T is the Ur-Auto, the father of all motorised four-wheel vehicles, 20th century´s answer to the ancient quest for mobility. And the end? The robotisation of modern automobile factories is only an intermediate step. The last step will be: the autonomous self-reproduction of automobiles.

The play is divided into four parts: An automobile fair with a presentation of new models and a side-trip to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, then a highway setting showing the streams of consiousness within four cars on the roadthat finally meet in a fatal pile-up, followed by the laboratory of the high priests of automobiles, where crash test dummies (are they the bodies of the persons that died in the scene before?) test the versatility of the machines, and finally, a brave new world in which cars have merged with human beings and drive out into wetlands to lay the eggs of their offspring, tiny cute four-wheeled car-babies.

Intertwined in first two parts is the story of Karsten, the man who wins his dream car, an Audi A8L at the auto-fair, but is allowed to keep it only if he can drive the whole distance from Ingolstadt to Potsdam on the A9 without exceeding a speed-limit of 100 km/h. Of course he fails, causing the central crash scenario. The third and fourth part are linked by the report of a messenger who tells of seeing cars copulating orgiastically at an abandoned gas station. A Bakchen-like scenario that ends in the rape of the spy...

The final question is not what cars mean to us, but what we mean to cars. The take-over has already begun. We are at the mercy of our machines. As in other Mass & Fieber shows, choreography, music and the general sound concept play a decisive role in AUTODROM, defining the spirit and the nature of cars, their loveliness, their smoothness, the ultimate violence that governs them. Guiding principle of the musical structure will be Hþndel´s «Messiah».